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As we reflect on 2020 and all the challenges we’ve faced, it’s also a time to look at all the blessings we have been given. A year ago I had no idea I would be writing to you today as Executive Director. Even though I’ve been with Resources of Hope since close to the beginning, when I was approached about stepping into this role I was beyond humbled to be entrusted with such an amazing mission. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing our non-profit grow over the years and we are continuing to serve more kids and more foster families in our community. In 2020, we have seen a 20% increase in the amount of times we’ve served foster kids and something we should all be proud of. We’ve done this through The Closet, Teen Connect, Birthday Blessings, Morning Meet-Up, Back to School Bash and, most recently, Hope for the Holiday’s. To say we are grateful to our community partners would be an understatement. We absolutely would not be here without your help. 


With that and from the bottom of my heart:


Thank you to our Board of Directors. 


Thank you to Martha, Donna, Sherry, Noel, Karen and all of our volunteers that have continued to help through this challenging year.


Thank you to our local churches that have offered financial support since many congregations haven’t been able to meet in person and hold collection drives.


Thank you to our unbreakable Teen Connect mentors: Peter, Laurel, Sean, Matthew and Nancy for thinking outside the box on how to continue to provide support to our amazing teens during a pandemic. 


Thank you to our amazing local organizations that hosted collection boxes and got them filled with new toys & pajamas for our Hope for the Holiday’s.


Thank you to the people that stop in with donations like brand new jackets, or new shoes, or our random bargain shoppers. 


Thank you to Johnson County Community Foundation for granting us the funds needed to start our Ongoing Foster Parent Education Program. 


Thank you to JCREMC Operation Round Up Advisory Board for granting us with funds to help our Teen Connect Program.


Thank you for thinking of us on Giving Tuesday.


Thank you to the generous companies that are supporting our upcoming gala.


Thank you, to those that participated in Facebook fundraisers.


Thank you to all that have prayed for us. 


Thank you to the foster families that have opened your door for kiddos who need you.


Thank you to the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers & Sisters who stepped in to care for your family.


Thank you to Care Communities, Support Group Leaders, DCS & LCPA personnel that work tirelessly to provide safe homes for these beautiful young people.


You ALL have made a difference. Each and every one of you. I am so overjoyed to be a part of this amazing community of love & support. Some days are harder than others, but seeing the results of what Resources of Hope does, and knowing that it is our community coming together to be a village to foster families makes it incredibly rewarding - and motivates me to push harder for those we serve.


I hope all your wishes, prayers & dreams come true for you in 2021. 


Renae Furnée

Executive Director

Resources of Hope Inc.

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