• Heidi Murray

Beyond being a foster parent: 5 ways to make a difference

Have you ever put thought into being a foster parent but realized it is not right for you or your family? Have you ever wanted to help children in need but weren't sure how to help?

Foster parenting is not an easy task, it literally takes a village! This is where you can find your place to get involved and make a difference! Foster families tend to feel alone, isolated, and like no one understands. It is so much more than just taking care of someone else child. There are multiple appointments every week, visits, services and trauma. Your friends no longer relate or it is to much for them, your family is worried about you (but from a distance), sometimes this child you were going to "just love" is way more than you know how to handle. This is were a supportive village comes in!

Ways that you can make a difference

1. Make a meal

I can speak from experience, when you are juggling your normal life and then add on fostering and all that goes with it, nothing is better than when a friend or random stranger drops off a homemade meal for you and your family. We had so many sweet friends and acquaintances who brought us dinner the first few weeks of a new placement. It made us feel so loved and like we were not alone. If you would like us to connect you with a foster family to take a meal to we would be more than happy to set that up.

2. Donate

At Resources of Hope and many other organizations there is always a need for items for the children in care. When children are removed it is an emergency situation and they usually don't get to bring anything. We like to provide those basic necessities as soon as possible when they enter care. We do accept gently used clothing (preemie to adult sizes) shoes, backpacks, and baby items. We have a big need for NEW toddler size underpants boys and girls 2t, 3t, 4t, 5t as well as diapers and wipes.

3. Become a Respite Provider

This is a licensed position to provide overnight care for foster children while the foster family takes a much needed break. You can get licensed to do this through DCS or one of several other foster care agencies.

4. Be a friend

Become a friend with a foster parent and send them weekly encouragement! Find out if there is something you can do for them, maybe pick up groceries, drop off their favorite drink, stop by and hold a baby for a couple hours while foster mom gets some housework done. Just be a supportive person willing to listen and encourage. *We can connect you!

5. Become a Mentor

As we launch into the new year we are looking to the future of our mentor-ship program. If you have a heart for teens and would like to become a youth mentor we have a place for you. This program is still being set up but we can get you started in volunteering at Resources of Hope Inc.

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