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Teen Connect is a monthly collaboration of foster youth and mentors. The goal of Teen Connect is inspiration, personal advancement and empowerment.

Some of our events were: Carving Pumpkins, Co-Ed Nightmare Before Christmas Party, Game Night, Lego Stop Motion & many more!


Meet-up with other foster parents to share in the ups and downs of foster care. This group is intended to provide support and education to foster parents. Each meet-up will provide an opportunity for parents to share their experience as well as have an informative topic related to foster care for discussion.

*If you would like to use this group for training hours please contact

your licensing specialist for approval.


Let us help you supplement your littles special day! Fill out the required form and pick up their wrapped gifts at Resources of Hope during our open hours.


Recharge is an afternoon off for foster parents in our community. Our high school and adult volunteers will provide safe and engaging fun activities for foster kiddos and other children, ages newborn-5th grade, in the host home.

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